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Black English

Encontrei esse site fantástico:  http://www.ebonics-translator.com/learn_ebonics2.php

É um dionário de Black English. Ajuda a traduzir músicas do 50 cent! kkkkkkk Para facilitar, postei aqui para vocês, mas no próprio site é mais fácil de visualizar, pois é possível clicar nas letras.

Espero que gostem! ;*

·  Anger - verb, slang expression - to express displeasure at an event or occurance. The phrase 'anger' can stand on its own as a general expression of displeasure. SYN: cut USAGE: Failure to comply brings massive anger.

·  Ass Out - verb, adjective - to be poor, have no money. USAGE: Man I am ass out this month. I ain't got no kinda funds coming through here.

·  Assclown - verb, adjective - one who makes a complete fool of themselves or is just generally a moron. Closely related to asshat. ALT. SPELLING:ass clown. USAGE: Listen up assclown, you my friend are an untalented hack!

·  Asshat - verb, adjective - one who is a moron. Literally, one who thinks with their ass instead of their head. ALT. SPELLING: ass hat. USAGE: Don't go on a date with him, he's an asshat.

·  Autopush - verb, noun, adjective (autopushed) - a person, action, or thing that just gets an immense amount of favoritism, fair or otherwise. From an old wrestling term, stemming from 'push', meaning to get 'pushed' towards popularity or a title by the bookers. ANT: autoburial SYN: ballin-outta-control USAGE: The Rock gets massive autopush.

·  Autoburial - noun - the state of being given the antithesis of autopush; that is to receive no favoritism at all. ANT: autopush SYN: baller-blocking, hatred USAGE: My instructor was hating and gave the entire class massive autoburial on our midterm grades.

·  Badonkadonk (butt) - adjective - a term used to describe buttocks of exceptional quality and bounce. USAGE: My girl needs to have a badonkadonk butt, fo' shizzle!

·  Baller-Blocking - verb, noun - to stand in the way of someone who is trying to succeed as at a given task. As in, to block his attempt at balling. SYN: hatred USAGE: Why you always got ta be baller blockin on me?

·  Baller Status - noun - the state or quality of excellence or of supreme quality; having no negative connotations. Stemming from 'that which is the status of being a baller'. ALT SPELLING: Baller $tatus ANT: cut SYN: krunk, buck USAGE: That concert was baller $tatus.

·  Balling - verb, transitive and intransitive - to succeed, do well, or otherwise make some gain or positive result. ALT FORMS: baller - one who balls, or is balling. ; ballerific - That which is of extremely high quality. SYN: floss, stunt, ballin-outta-control USAGE: Cheese is a necessary element to any balling effort.

·  Ballin-outta-control - verb, transitive - TO BALL, but to the higher or highest degree possible, extreme BALLING. SYN: floss, stunt USAGE: We be ballin-outta-control.

·  Be Easy - slang expression - to be calm. When used as "Be easy" as said to someone else, it means calm yourself down. USAGE: Come on Ka, be easy Ka, I will get it from my gramma in the mornin' Ka!

·  Beater - noun, verb - Something (usually a car) which can withstand a great deal of punishment and still function somewhat properly. USAGE: My car is the ultimate beater, it will never break down on my ass.

·  Bia-Bia - noun - 1. a rallying cry or call to arms, most often in a sports setting. 2. a bitch. Can and will be used in shorthand as 'bia'. SYN: ho USAGE: Stop acting like a bia and live a real life.

·  Big Tymer - noun - one who does things big. Being a big tymer is a state of mind, if you are a big tymer you do everything you do to the fullest. USAGE: Baby Williams and Mannie Fresh are the ultimate Big Tymers.

·  <>Bling - noun, intransitive verb - to have the quality of exceptionally shiny jewlery (usually platinum or gold) or other objects (such as car tire rims); the shine produced by aforementioned objects is referred to as the 'bling' ALT FORMS: bling-bling - A reference to the extreme blinging of a noun. ; bling-o-ling - Same as bling-bling. USAGE: That chain is bling bling my brotha!

·  Blow Up - verb - 1. to become very angry and vent your anger upon another person or thing. ; 2. to become very popular in a short time. ; 3. to expand quickly. USAGE: Wow 50 Cent has blown the f'up!

·  Bomb, The - adjective - something which is hype, tight, or cool. USAGE: The new Killer Mike CD is the bomb son!

·  Boo - noun - One's friend, sweetheart, boyfriend or girlfriend. ALT NAME: Shorty USAGE: My boo be real.

·  Booey - adjective - something which is bad, lacking in effort, or just generally displeasing. USAGE: Man, that game is booey! I want my 50 bucks back!

·  Booty-cheddar - noun - that which is nonsense, bullshit, lies. USAGE: Stop spittin' that booty-cheddar and be real with me son!

·  Bounce - verb - to leave, to depart. SYN: rollout USAGE: I've been known to bounce unexpectedly.

·  Brick - verb - cold. USAGE: It's made brick outside. (submitted by CoOliZmE17)

·  Buck - noun, intransitive verb, adjective - a person, place, or thing with many positive qualities is said to be "buck". SEE KRUNK for elaboration. ALT FORMS: Buckaballer - one who shows qualities of being buck and a baller. ; Bucktastic - a person, place, or thing that shows exreme qualities of Buckness. ANT: cut SYN: baller status, krunk USAGE: 1. Go and get buck with it., 2. Ludacris is a buckaballer., 3. Damn that game was bucktastic.

·  Candy Ass - adjective - 1. one who is weak, meek, or generally wimpy. ; 2. one who is sub-par, see: Jabroni. USAGE: You know he can't fight, he's such a candy ass!

·  Cheese - noun - money. AKA: ghetty green; green; loot; ballin fuel; bucks. ALT FORM: Cheesed-Out - having much cheese. USAGE: Don't mess with my cheese!

·  Chickenhead - noun - an extremly materialistic woman who in most cases shows qualities of being a ho. Also can be used in abbreviated form of 'chicken'. USAGE: Chickenheads always be on the prowl for cheese.

·  Chubble - noun, verb - to move or to be like a mass of fat, to chubble. ALT FORMS: chubbler - Person or animal who moves slowly like a mass of fat. ; chubbling - The action of being a chubbler. USAGE: Stop chubbling and run!

·  Churrin' - slang expression - essentially means "children." Can be used in the plural as "Churrin's", but "Churrin'" can be used as singular or as plural. ALT FORMS: Chilen; Chilens. USAGE: Keep yo' churrin' out the streets!

·  Cold - adjective - 1. someone or something which is cool or pleasing. For similar usage, see tight ; 2. that which is mean or harsh. USAGE: The Lox are just so damn cold!

·  Crunk - slang expression - To get/be hype, to act with excitement and enthusiasm. USAGE: We gonna get crunk tonight!

·  Crunked Up (to get) - slang expression - to be drunk/high/drugged up, to generally get messed up. USAGE: We went to that party last night and got Crunked Up!

·  Cry - verb, slang expression - 1. the literal or non-literal ramifications of something that is displeasing. ; 2. a saying used to express dissatisfaction or disappoinment with a noun or verb. SYN: fear USAGE: Kris Brown getting paid mad cheese makes me cry!

·  Cut - transitive verb, noun, slang expression - 1. to not make a team, advance in a particular audition, or to be left out of something that is occuring is to be cut. ; 2. to threaten someone with removal from a position of trust is to threaten them with being cut.; 3. a verbal expression used to display displeasure with a turn of events or set of circumstances. ALT FORM: Cutness - All the bad properties of being cut lumped into one. ANT: krunk, buck, baller status USAGE: Cut! Your ass is cut for good this time!
·  Dap - verb, slang expression - appreciation or props for someone or something. Dap is usually given in response to someone's effort towards a certain goal or achivement. USAGE: Amy from Evanescence deserves dap because her singing is awesome.
·  Fear - noun, verb - to be unjustifiably afraid of something that would normally not cause fear. This fear is due to context in which the object feared is mentioned. SYN: cry USAGE: Corey Bradford being a #1 reciever makes me fear!

·  Finna - noun, verb - the state of being about to do something. One who always says they are going to do something can be referred to as 'finna'. USAGE: I'm finna go get some food.

·  Floss - verb - same as balling, though flossing is only in a physical sense. ANT: SYN: balling, ballin-outta-control, stunting USAGE: One cannot floss without sufficient cheese.

·  Folks - noun - people or aquaintances USAGE: You see that guy over there? That is my folks.

·  For Dolo - slang expression - To be alone, by oneself. USAGE: My boys done punked out on me so I have to go smoke this sucka for dolo.

·  Front - verb - to say something untrue, or to portray a false identity about yourself or your feelings about a particular subject. USAGE: Man stop frontin', you know you'd hit that.

·  G - noun, verb - 1. a loyal person, a good friend, your 'G'. ; 2. code of the 'G's, known as the G-code. ; 3. to steal something is to 'G' something. USAGE: By the G-code, you never rat out your boy if he G's somethin'.

·  Game - verb - game is an inate attribute that some people posess which allows them to sweet talk members of the opposite sex, or even members of their own sex to achive a desired outcome. Acting in this manner is known as 'running game'. An intricacy of running game is that the merit of the game being run is questionable, meaning that the person 'running game' may only be saying what they are to recieve the outcome they desire. SYN: Mac USAGE: Damn you pimp juice, the game is too strong!!

·  <>Gangsta - noun, verb - 1. one who exhibits the traits and tendencies of someone who is in a gang, or a person in a gang who exhibits tendencies that would be expected of a gang-member. 2. something that is hot, cool, or good (or in some cases, ghetto) can be considered and called gangsta. USAGE: Those new Nike hoodies are gangsta son, straight gangsta.

·  Ghetto - noun - that which is not highly cultured or regarded is said to be ghetto. Anything not pop culture can also be said as ghetto. This is not necessarily an insult, but is most often miscontrued as one. USAGE: If your VCR has a hood latch on it and pops up like "BOOM!", it's ghetto.

·  Gravy - noun - a term notating the status of everything turning out the way it should. Used most in the form of "its all gravy" USAGE: When the teams I don't like lose, it's all gravy.

·  Grill - noun - 1. face ; 2. ones personal space ; 3. ones teeth and or mouth. USAGE: Get in his grill!

·  Grimey - noun, adjective - A word used to refer to someone who is selfish, or 'to be grimey' is 'to be selfish'. USAGE: You's a grimey brotha ain't you?


·  Hardcore - noun, adjective - to be tough, strong, or otherwise durable. USAGE: I am the king of Hardcore!

·  Hate - verb, noun - to attempt to dissuade or stop someone or something, to HATE on it/them. AKA: hatred, hated, hating. The phrase 'hatred' can stand alone as an exasperated declaration of someone trying to hate on you or yours. SYN: baller-block. USAGE: I have been the victim of unmitigated hatred.

·  Ho - noun, verb - to act or to be a slut or prosititute, a person of low moral value. ALT FORMS: Hoage - verb - The quality of commiting or engaging in some action deemed wrong, immoral, or harmful to oneself or society. ; Ho Boots - noun, verb, adj - Tall (calf to knee-high), usually leather boots worn by hoes. USAGE: Wearing ho boots is usually a sign of hoage.

·  Ho train - adjective - 1. one who pulls dirty hoes. USAGE: Man, you a ho train. *Word suggested by D98

·  Holla - slang tern - a term used to greet your friends, relatives, or other acquantinces. Holla can also be used to express happiness or to grant someone "props". USAGE: Holla! My boy Pierre just picked off that pass!

·  Hoopdy - noun, adjective - car or description of a ghetto car. Can be accompanied by 'rider'. USAGE: Stay the hell away from my hoopdy.


·  Ice - noun, ajective - Jewels such as diamonds in earrings, rings, chains, etc. that someone wears or owns. When someone claims to be "iced out", that means that they are wearing lots of diamond-appareled merchandise. USAGE: I got so much ice you could skate on my finger.

·  -ing - a suffix used to form adjectives or verbs - in the ghetto language, the suffix -ing is hardly ever used. Instead, you can replace it with the suffix -in' or just -in. The sound of the g is eliminated. USAGE: Stop hatin' on VC!

·  -izzle - noun forming suffix - a suffix used to make a verb into a noun, demonstrating the characteristics of that verb. Used most in the forms of shizzle and hizzle. Shizzle when used in connection with the words "for" or "fo" means the english word sure. Any other use of shizzle means the word "shit." Be something "the shit" or just as a general statement of displeasure, that is how shizzle is used. USAGE: Off the hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle!


·  Jabroni - noun, adjective - one who is insignificant, sub-par, or does not live up to his or her established hype is a jabroni. USAGE: Shut your mouth, jabroni.

·  Jobber - noun, adjective - one who loses or fails frequently (most times on purpose) is a jobber. This word was established for a wrestler who was a no-name going against an established superstar. ALT FORMS: Jobbing - the action of failing at anything can be called jobbing. ; 'Do The Job' - to 'do the job' means to have lost to someone purposely when you feel you could have beaten them. USAGE: Stop jobbing and get a hit!


·  Mac - noun, verb - 1. to pimp or run game on a person, place, or thing is to mac on it, or be macing (pronounced ma-king) on it. ; 2. One who runs game or pimps is a mac. USAGE: Who you macin on today?

·  Mad - adjective - very many, a lot of, or a great number of a specific item, quality, or thing. USAGE: Did you see D-Bo? He was runnin' mad game on that chickenhead last night! *Word suggested by CRUNCHERJF1

·  Mug - verb - to stare or look at someone with malignant thoughts or intentions is to mug on them. USAGE: Why you muggin on me?

·  No Finger - noun - the index finger being waved in a gesture of denying someone or something the ability to do something or go somewhere. To "wave the no finger" is the action of waving aforementioned index finger. USAGE: They tried to baller block on me, but I just waved the no finger and went about my business.

·  Osca Maya - noun - anything pertaining to the male genitalia ALT FORM: Osca Maya Taunt - slang expression - An expression to sarcastically mock a person's idea or belief about something by saying he/she is essentially "giving head" to the idea/belief/person/action in question. Can and will be referenced as the OM Taunt. USAGE: We strive higher to slang that osca maya

·  Peep - noun, verb - 1. one's friend is called one's 'peep' or 'peeps'. 2. to check out; to look at something. USAGE: Peep my peeps dude.

·  Pimp - noun, verb - 1. to act as a pimp, as in to have many females under one's command. 2. That which is good, profitable or acceptable is known as being 'pimp'. Also, anything of the quality of a pimp. SYN: baller status USAGE: Pimpin ain't easy, man.

·  Pimp Juice - noun, verb (slang) - pimp juice is defined as any attribute or quality deemed attractive by the opposite sex. The term 'pimp juice' can also be used to refer to a person, as in "what up, pimp juice?" USAGE: I got that pimp juice all the girls be wantin'.

·  Pinch - verb - To court or show favortism towards a person because you like them. ALT FORM: Pinching (X)'s Arm (phrase) - A statement made to mock the favortism shown for aformentioned (X) person. SYN: osca maya taunt, yay! USAGE: The Bucks are sitting here pinching Greg Anthony's arm going "Yay! for Greg!"

·  Poontang - noun - of or pertaining to the female genitalia. AKA: poontang pie, poon, pie USAGE: Chickenheads will give poon to get their way.

·  Po' Gawk - slang expression - the situation in which a person or persons in motor vehicles slow down in the presence of police with the intent to look at what the police are currently doing. This situation can be generalized to any situation in which a person intentally slows down to look at something which is none of their business. USAGE: Look at these brothas po' gawkin' right here.

·  Po-Po's - noun - the police. AKA: the 5-0, the fuzz, da pigz ALT FORM: The block is hot - slang expression - an expression to let people know the 5-0 is around without saying so directly. ; Whoop Whoop - audible sound - this sound is made to simulate the sound of a police car's siren. When this sound is made, that means there is a police car nearby. USAGE: Whoop Whoop!, the block is hot.

·  RAWR - slang saying - RAWR is a term that you use when you want to describe how attractive another person is. USAGE: Nelly Furtado is RAWR!!

·  Rollout - transitive verb - to leave, to cruise, or otherwise to not stay in a given spot. SYN: bounce USAGE: Come on dude, lets rollout

·  Saucy - adjective - that which is creative, tight, or just generally interesting or entertaining. USAGE: That touchdown catch by Dane Looker was saucy son!

·  Serious - adjective - 1. that which is extreme in its tenacity, 2. that which is hot or fashionable. USAGE: That outfit you have on is serious dawg!

·  Shoot the five - slang phrase - to fight. USAGE: If you keep talkin' that smack we gon' have to shoot the five!

·  Skrilla - noun - money. See: Cheese. USAGE: You best not mess with my skrilla!

·  Smack - noun - words that are taken to be inaccurate. Talking smack is equal to saying a person is talking shit. USAGE: Don't talk that smack around me lil' beyotch.

·  Stun - verb - to physically ball, extremely similar to floss. ALT FORMS: Stuntastic - that which is of the quality of stunting. ; Stunna - The word for one who stuns SYN: floss, ball USAGE: I'm the number one stunna!

·  Stunt - verb -to physically ball, extremely similar to floss. However, stunting is not accepted by all in the ghetto, as stunting is sometimes thought of as a negative thing. USAGE: Let us stunt!

·  Steez - noun, verb - 1. one's flow ; 2. a person's attitude as pertaining to a specific subject or broad general class of subjects. USAGE: Yo, you are messin' up my steez man!

·  Tight - verb - that which is cool or pleasing. USAGE: Man that new Madden is tight!
·  Ugh - expression - sound of disgust made to express displeasure at a turn of events. Can be emphasized by the addition of 'huh', as in "UGH HUH!" SYN: anger, fear USAGE: Ugh, losses are occuring.

·  Uber - adverb - 1. that was is extremely characteristic of ; 2. very ; 3. extremely. USAGE: That beat is uber-hot dude!
·  Vibe - noun - 1. a person's feelings ; 2. to vibe, as in to get along with someone. USAGE: You are messing with my vibe kid!

·  Wanksta - slang expression - Literally translated as "wanna-be gangsta". This is an insult. A good definition of a wanksta is one who acts tough and hard and exhibits gangsta words, yet never partakes in the actions of a gangsta. USAGE: Man 1: "Whodi, I'm gonna pop a cap in his ass" Man 2: "Shut up wanksta, you ain't gon' pop a damn thang."

·  Whodi - slang expression - An expression used to refer to one's friends, aquaintances, or commrades. ALT SPELLINGS - whoudi, whoady, whardi (r is very soft), whardie, woady. SYN: folks, peeps USAGE: Whuz up whodi

·  Word - slang expression - "Word" is an expression used to agree with a statement that someone has made, or when used as "Word?" to question a statement that someone has made. ALT SPELLINGS: werd SYN: tru, tru dat USAGE: Man #1: "That girl over there has some serious ass, Man #2: "WERD!"


·  Yay! - slang expression - a verbal expression used to express sarcastic (or not) pleasure for your or another person's interest of a given noun. SYN: pinch, osca maya taunt USAGE: Soccer is 'YAY!'

·  Yo - general slang term - 1. yo can be a shortened version of the word "you," as in "I'm gonna whoop yo' ass!" ; 2. a general greeting between friends ; 3. a generalized term in the ghetto language, that can be used in any form of conversation at any time as to question, re-enforce, or agree with a statement. USAGE: Yo kid! You best have my cash, or yo' ass is mine!

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