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Useful English Phrases
at the Airport

1) Buying a ticket 

  • I'd like to reserve two seats to New York.

  • Will that be one way or round trip?

  • How much is a round trip ticket?

  • It's $819. Will you pay by check or by credit card?

  • Here's my Visa Card. Can we get an aisle seat please?

  • You can choose your seat when you check in.

    2) Checking In

  • Can I see your ticket and passport, please?

  • Here they are. Can we get one seat near the aisle?

  • Yes, that's no problem. You're in seats 27B and 27C.

  • Thanks. Where do we go next?

  • Go to Gate A8, straight ahead then turn left. 

  • 3) On the Airplane

  • Would you like something to drink?

  • Could I have Coke with no ice?

  • Here you are. Please fill out this form before the plane lands.

  • What is this form for?

  • It's a Customs and Immigration form. You will use that in the airport before you can enter the country.

    4) The Arrival

  • Thank you for flying East West Airlines!

  • I had a good trip. Thanks for your help.

  • It was our pleasure and we hope to see you again.

    5) Getting through Customs

  • Do you have anything to declare?

  • I just have one bottle of wine. It's a gift for my friend.

  • How much wine is in the bottle?

  • It contains 750ml.

  • That's fine. Have a nice stay.

    6) Getting your luggage

  • At which carrousel will our luggage be?

  • At number 5, over there.

  • Great! I'll get a cart right away.

  • Be sure you have your luggage ticket.

  • Yes, it's right here attached to my plane ticket.

    7) Going through Immigration

  • What's in the small bag?

  • I have a laptop computer and some books.

  • Could you open it please and turn on your computer.

  • Sure. It will take a few moments to boot up.

  • Okay, everything seems okay. You can go.

    8) Get out!

  • Excuse me, where can I get a taxi?

  • Go down to the end of the hall and the taxis are waiting just outside.

  • Thank you! 
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